65 Year Licence

In November 2008, The States of Alderney (SoA) and the Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy (ACRE) granted an exclusive, renewable 65 year licence to ARE for tidal energy generation.

The licence allows ARE to generate electricity from the tidal flows around Alderney. It provides ARE exclusive access to 48 square miles of the Island's territorial waters, which extends to 3 nautical miles from the coast.

The seas around Alderney's coast contain some of the most powerful tidal resources in Europe; generation potential from tidal energy in this area is estimated at greater than 3 GW at peak tide, offering ARE a vast, secure opportunity to deliver high levels of predictable, safe and sustainable energy.

Hydrographic and geophysical surveys show that conditions are ideal for floor-mounted turbines.

As an organisation with a clear strategic vision, ARE will develop its high quality tidal resource through long term licence agreements and supply contracts to deliver its Tidal Development Programme.

ARE is the catalyst for delivering low carbon energy to the UK and Europe