Alderney Tidal Resource

It is estimated that the British Isles has around 50% of the tidal energy resource in Europe and up to 10% of the global resource. The seas around Alderney contain some of the most powerful tidal resources in the British Isles. ARE holds a licence to construct and operate tidal farms for the generation and export of tidal energy.

Since 2010 Osiris Projects, a leading hydrographic and geophysical survey company, has undertaken several combined hydrographic, geophysical and oceanographic surveys on behalf of ARE.

The surveys have shown that the topography of the seabed, the positive bathymetry results and the velocity and direction of the tidal flows are ideal for the installation of tidal turbines. Extractable energy has been estimated and modelled at greater than 3 GW. In addition, they have identified potential interconnector cable routes between Alderney, the UK and France.

As well as strong tidal flows and ideal topography, Alderney benefits from its proximity to centres of high population density and energy demand, unlike other high potential tidal energy sites such as the Bay of Fundy and the Pentland Firth. Its proximity to the south coast of the UK and to France benefits ARE, for the export of its tidal energy.

As tidal turbines become commercially available, Alderney's tidal resource will deliver reliable and predictable renewable energy and associated revenues.

About Alderney:

Alderney is the third largest Channel Island and sits 12.8 km from the French coast. Alderney is a Crown Dependency of Britain and sits outside the UK and EU. It has its own democratically elected government, known as the States, which consists of 10 elected members and a President. Although separate to the States of Guernsey, Alderney's health, education, police and airport come under Guernsey's responsibilities and the UK Ministry of Justice is responsible for Alderney's foreign policy.

The Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy (ACRE) ( was established in 2007 to licence, consent and regulate the operation, deployment, use or management of all forms of renewable energy in the island of Alderney and its territorial waters.

ARE is the catalyst for delivering low carbon energy to the UK and Europe