As part of the development of the tidal resources of Alderney, ARE commissioned Osiris Projects ( to undertake a series of combined hydrographic, geophysical and oceanographic surveys within the Alderney Race area.

In addition, Osiris Projects completed an investigation into two potential interconnector routes; one 29km route between Alderney and France, and another 36km route from Alderney to Guernsey.

For more detailed information on the findings, please download the surveys below:

Alderney Race Tidal Power Development Areas & Preliminary Interconnector Cable Routes

Volume 1: T61 and T75 Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey Results (filesize 32MB)

Volume 2: T74 Hydrographic and geophysical survey results (filesize 254KB)

Volume 4: Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey - Operations (filesize 5MB)

Volume 7: T60 Hydrographic Geophysical Survey results (filesize 300MB)

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