FAB Link


France Alderney Britain Link (FAB Link)

ARE and Transmission Investment LLP have established a joint venture company which is developing a connection between France, Alderney and Britain. This link, known as FAB Link, will allow energy to be traded between Britain and France and will enable tidal power generated in Alderney's territorial waters to be exported to European markets. Alderney will also be able to receive less expensive energy from Europe via FAB Link.

The benefits of the project include:

  • Lower energy prices for Britain, France and Alderney consumers thanks to the benefits of trading energy across the link (which exceed the cost of building the link). In the case of consumers on Alderney the link will, for the first time, provide an alternative to diesel-fired generators.
  • Increased security of supply to Britain and France will be provided as the interconnector can be used to provide emergency assistance from Britain to France, or from France to Britain, in the event of a generation deficit in either country.
  • The economic development of Alderney's tidal power projects will provide Europe with a new source of predictable, clean, renewable energy. Employment opportunities will be created from the engineering, construction and operation phases of the Alderney tidal power project.

Transmission Investment LLP (see www.transmissioninvestment.com) is a developer and manager of offshore transmission and interconnectors. In particular it manages, through its affiliate Transmission Capital Partners, the cables connecting numerous UK offshore wind farms.

FAB Link Ltd is developing the FAB project in conjunction with the French grid company, RTE (Reseau de Transport d'Electricite, see http://www.rte-france.com/en) which owns all transmission assets in France, including half of the  existing Britain-France interconnector.   

To access the dedicated website for FAB Link Limited, please see the following link:  www.fablink.net